MMR Sports Consulting introduces itself

Who is MMR Sports Consulting GbR?

MMR Sports Consulting was founded in 2021 by the partners Rainer Schan and Mathias Hotz. After just a few weeks, Marcus Lätsch, the owner of 247 Sports Group, strengthened our company so that a broad network with various locations in Germany has now developed. This enables us to offer all clubs locally rooted, well-known and experienced contacts in ice hockey. All of our players benefit from this.

The focus of our activities is both the optimal career management and the comprehensive support of the players in financial, professional and human terms.

Marcus Lätsch

Marcus Lätsch has been a player’s agent for over ten years. With his agency 247 Sports Group, he made a name for himself as a competent and reliable negotiating partner and was able to place numerous top players in the highest professional leagues in Europe. Marcus impresses with his fair and competent approach to contract negotiations. Just a few weeks after founding the agency, Marcus decided to make the holistic offer of MMR Sports Consulting available to his players and to join the new agency.

Mathias Hotz

Mathias Hotz has been working as a lawyer for ten years, meanwhile with his own law firm.
Mathias is always in contact with sports law and is responsible for legal advice, insurance and tax matters in the agency.

In addition, he is available to clients for all questions relating to passport and immigration assistance.